Chevy s-10

I have a s-10 Chevy pickup truck. Today I went to work and the truck was working fine. When leaving work I notice that I left my door kinda open. When I tried to turn on the truck I didn’t hear a crank or anything. The lights of the dash turned on, Tho. . I tired again but still nothing. I have a friend passed me some power and the truck turn on. Once I got home and was leaving to go out the same thing happen again. Yet this time when I tried to jumper it. The truck still won’t turn on. I have hear fuel pump but to movement from the engine.

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    Most likely when you left your door open you ran the battery almost completely flat. Then you jump started it and I am guessing you did not fully charge the battery after you got home. The starter requires a lot more battery power than your lights, fuel pump or radio to operate. Double check your connections at the battery to make certain they are clean on the inside as well as outside.

    Once you are certain you have a fully charged battery and a good battery, and it still won’t start you can perform a test with a meter.

    Have someone hold the key in the “START” position while you check for battery positive at the “S” terminal on the starter. If you see battery voltage and the starter have a good ground, it is time to replace the starter.

    If you do not see battery voltage, you will need to trace the wiring.

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