1999 Ford F150

I have a check engine light on. I’ve had it checked for everything. I got it down from 15 different codes down to 2. The codes are reading for a lean on the oxygen sensors and the other is reading the MAF. Based on what I was told from different mechanics its leading to my MAF. I checked it and was told it was my throttle position sensor. Changed that and light came back on. What am I missing?

I’ve changed plugs changed throttle position sensor checked for vacum leaks. Had it tested and came up mass air sensor. Checked that. Could it be possible for a bad egr valve any helpful advice

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  1. The condition you have is the MAF, What affects the performance of the MAF are low fuel pressure, plugged exhaust system or contaminated mass air flow under reporting this can be due to contamination of the air filter.Where a MAF cleaning will help. You will need to do a fuel pressure test on your vehicle.

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