2000 cadillac DTS 4.6

How do you remove the rack and pinion after detaching it? do you have to lower the cage or attempt to maneuver it out from the driver side of the vehicle?

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  1. The wheels of the vehicle must be straight ahead and the steering column in the LOCK position before disconnecting the steering column or intermediate shaft from the steering gear. Failure to do so will cause the coil assembly in the steering column to become uncentered which will cause damage to the coil assembly.
    •Lock the steering column by removing the ignition key from the lock cylinder.
    pin bolt
    •Remove the intermediate shaft pinch bolt.
    •Disconnect the intermediate shaft lower coupling.
    •Raise the vehicle.
    •Remove the rear transaxle mount.

    Warning! The frame must be properly supported before partially lowering. The frame should not be lowered any further than needed to gain access to the steering gear.

    Cadillac rack and pinion removal diagram
    •Disconnect the pressure and return pipes (1, 2) from the rack and pinion gear.
    •Disconnect the electrical connector.
    •Remove the rack and pinion attaching bolts.
    •Remove the rack and pinion assembly.

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