1997 honda civic ex

why does the engine cut off when i move the throttle up and down-yet if i hold the throttle position-it will rev and keep running. i already replaced the TPS which helped a bunch to get this car to start and idle-it will rev high and all that-but move the throttle around and she quits-and then hard to start up again. no codes on my obd reader. i did the MAP sensor test-the circuit and the sensor both function normally [ie; 5 volts supplied-neg wire good-and volts fluctuate to lower and higher when vaccum applied]

2 thoughts on “1997 honda civic ex”

  1. Have you tried unplugging the map sensor and testing?

    When the engine is hard to start is it not getting spark?
    I’m thinking maybe a Crankshaft or Camshaft Speed Sensor…

    Does engine temperature make a difference?

  2. This sound more like a mechanical condition. check the fuel pressure Fuel pressure with the regulator vacuum hose connected should be at 28-36psi.Also check the ignition coil which is inside the distributor and the distributor cap as well may have moved out of place. It won’t hurt just to check the timing belt being out of position

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