2002 Dodge Durango

2002 Dodge Durango R/T 5.9 L

Won’t engage on turn-over (Unless I put foot on gas pedal, & then have to hold it in or dies…..sometimes if I rev really hard a few times will then stay Idle but only in Park. If I try & drive it around block to charge battery up it’ll just quit) This just started to happen
Before I was noticing that my transmission is not engaging at proper RPM…. I can manually get 1st-2nd at 2.5 RPM but 2nd-3rd will do it auto…… I can’t do a fast speed climb either….transmission won’t grab with accelerator down …..? Thanks a lot.


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  1. may have a few different problems here.

    The Battery needs to be fully charged before testing. Charged with a charger not by driving. If the battery is below 12 volts the ECM or engine computer does not get the needed voltage to function properly and can do some funny things. It is always best to test with a fully charged battery.

    Idle issues are mostly cause by a vacuum leak or bad Idle Speed Control.

    As for the transmission not wanting to shift as it should, the most common cause for this would be a failing/failed VSS – Vehicle Speed Sensor.

    Of course if the check engine light is on, pull the codes and post them here in the comments below and we will help you figure this out.

  2. It is nice to have the engine code to point you in the right direction, But for now you will have to go by the symptoms. This engine is a speed density engine, this means it uses a MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure)A faulty MAP or a MAP that doe not read intake pressure correctly will do just as you explain and will affect the shift of the transmission. What affects the MAP performance are low manifold pressure this can be due to a large vacuum leak which will be very slim in your condition , A plugged exhaust system will more than likely contribute to this condition. Another contribution to this mix is the distributor being out of timing. Grab the distributor cap and check to see if the timing has moved.

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