95 GMC Jimmy 4.6l engine xlt

What is the typical current draw for the vehicle off. I currently have a 7 amp current draw and after 3 days of sitting the battery goes dead, I have taking all the fuses out of the fuse box and disconnected the alternator and connected the 2 wires together that came off the alternator, everything is factory and the vehicle has over 150,000 miles the engine runs great, what can be drawing the battery down, I have replaced it with 2 new batteries and the alternator is working correctly
do you have any suggestions

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  1. First off, I would try leaving the battery set disconnected for 3 days and if it is dead, the battery is at fault. Replace it. If it was just bought, should be under warranty.
    The typical parasitic battery drain is 7-12mA with a maximum recommended drain of 30 mA.

    Here’s a formula to calculate the allowable parasitic draw a battery can tolerate. Multiply the battery’s reserve capacity by .25. The answer will be in milliamps. For example: a battery with a reserve capacity of 80 minutes has an allowable drain of 20mA. ( 80 X .25 = 20mA)

    The Reserve Capacity rating multiplied by 0.6 gives the approximate available amp-hours from full charge to complete run-down. Somewhere between full charge and complete rundown the battery will reach a point where it can no longer start the engine, although it may still operate some of the electrical accessories.

    Using up about 40% of the total available amp-hours will usually take a fully-charged battery to a no-start condition at a moderate temperature of 77°F. To put it another way, for a typical battery in a storage situation, depleting the available amp-hours by 20 to 30 amp-hours will result in a no-start condition.

    Example: A vehicle with a 30 mA drain and a fully-charged 70 amp-hour reserve capacity battery will last 23 days. But if the battery is only at 65% of full charge it’s only going to last 15 days.

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