1997 Toyota tercel

I have replaced all struts on my tercel, lower control arms as well. And now have developed a really bad shake from my passenger side tire. I’ve rechecked everything and seems to be in correct. But I have noticed one of my studs is bent slightly. Could this be the problem?

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  1. First thing to do would be to swap the passenger side tire to the drivers side and see if the issue follows the tire. If it does, the issue is in the Tire or Rim. Most likely cause would be a busted belt in the tire unless you recently wrecked it. in you did wreck it, definitely could be in the rim as well.

    If the problem does not follow the wheel/tire, Check your hearings and rotor. Jack the wheel off the ground and with the vehicle properly supported(Jack Stand) grab the tire on top and bottom and try to move it. Push with top hand and pull with bottom and vise versa. do the same from side to side. Any play is bad. Most likely the hub bearings are shot.

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