2000 Mitsubishi Galant

Hello, I have a 2000 Galant that turns over but wont start. I have check compression on front 3 cylinders and it has 150 psi on all 3. i check for spark on those 3 cylinders and if i put the spark plug in the wire and lean it against the intake i get spark on all three cylinders. i pulled the fuel rail feed line and cranked it over and fuel squirts right out so i am getting fuel and after cranking and pulling the plugs, they are wet so the cylinders are getting fuel. the car also doesn’t start on starting fluid either. No codes on the dash, i have a scanner and the coolant and IAT temp sensors are reading correctly to the ambient air temperature. Also with the scanner in live data it shows that the crank sensor is reading and the signal is shown when cranking. could it be reading but not reading correctly causing it not to start? when the motor cranks it cranks real fast and doesn’t even attempt to pop or fire at all. I took the top timing cover off and check the cam and crank marks and they line up. any thoughts? the wires, cap and rotor are new. thanks for your help

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  1. First thought would be to start with all new spark plugs, sounds like they may be fouled. It takes a lot to see the plugs wet on the fuel injection engines.

    What you need for an engine to run:
    1) Good Spark
    2) Compression
    3) Fuel: gas and AIR
    4) Correct Timing

    After replacing the spark plugs, check you air flow to make sure something hasn’t clogged the sir path. I would also check Injector pulse. Most Anti-theft systems shut off the fuel injectors and not spark, so it may be a different issue all together.

    Post back your findings.

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