98 chevy z71 4×4 5.7 engine

2 weeks ago we went out to start our truck and it would sputter like it wanted to start but wouldn’t. My husband changed the spark plugs, fuel pump and filter, checked the distributor, timing and finally replaced the fuel spider system. The truck ran great everyday and we had codes ran on it to make sure we fixed the problem and no codes were found. We did not drive it yesterday and today when my husband went to start it, it’s doing the same thing it did before. It sputters like it wants to start but it won’t.

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  1. You’ll have to go back to the start on diagnosing this one. But something i like to do as a first diagnosis would be to spray some starting fluid in the air filter and see if it will run. If it does I know just to concentrate on the fuel supply only. Start by making sure the fuel injectors are firing and then test the fuel pressure.

    Another place to look is around the electrical plug for the spider injectors. Sometimes these fill with fuel and cause some issues from a failed gasket.

    If it doesn’t start on starting fluid then you want to start checking for spark, timing and compression issues.

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