2001 dodge neon rt

procedure adjusting crossover trans linkage replaced shift cable bushings will not go into first gear


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  1. Try with the engine off and on flat surface to shift the gears. If it goes in and out of gear with the engine off, you have a clutch issue. If it will not go into gears with engine off, you have a transmission issue.

    Didi it work just fine before you replaced the shift cable bushings… if so, make sure the cable isn’t kinked or damaged as the cable may need to be replaced along with the bushings. Something may be binding with the new bushings.

    Disconnect the cable from the transmission and see if the shifter moves freely and check the shifting linkage with the cable loose. If it goes into gear with the cable disconnected you now your transmission is ok and the issue is in the cable or shifter.

    If the transmission won’t shift with the cable disconnected, the problem is internal in the transmission.

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