Aug 082014

ok here is what my car is doing.  I was driving down the road and the radio started to cut out.  I turned the car off and it would not restart.  I jump started it and it ran for about a mile then cut off again.  i let it sit for about 30 mins  it started on its own and went for about half a mile and cut off again.  i jumped started it again and then it did the same thing.  the fuel was low almost empty.  i added some fuel while in the yard and it was running but the battery light came on.  what does it sound like is wrong with it?

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  1. The Alternator is no longer charging the BATTERY. So, either either the battery or the alternator or both are bad.

    99% of the time it is just the alternator that is bad. But sometimes a bad cell in a battery can cause the same thing.

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