2004 Mercury Mountaineer

For the last couple of months when turning off the vehicle I had to turn off the interior lights button which also turned off dash lighting. If I did not do this the interior lights would remain on. An no it was not clicked all the way up. Also, occasionally the door open signal would illuminate and after a check of all doors found that turn on the interior light switch and then off would cancel that alert. Today my car would not start. There is a mild “want” to start. But after attempt to start the instrument panel flutters for a few seconds. Is this a computer issue?

2 thoughts on “2004 Mercury Mountaineer”

  1. No, this is not a computer issue.

    The battery has been run dead. Most likely reason, from what you posted, would be a failing door latch assembly. The most common one of course from the most use would be the drivers door. The latch goes bad and leaves the interior lights on, sometimes including the glove box, etc.

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