Aug 052014

Description of Problem: Starts like normal then stalls 2-5 seconds later. Trying to find where to attach fuel pressure test kit. I’ve had two mobile mechanics come to my house $75.00 per mechanic. Bought a fuel pump module as instructed by mechanic #2 @ $65.oo. No change I’ve paid fees on justanswers.con and a few others to no avail.
Paying for a service that doesn’t deliver any help is getting redundant.

Thank you for your time.


  One Response to “2013 Ford Taurus SEL AWD v6 3.5”

  1. This vehicle has what is called an Electronic Returnless Fuel System (ERFS). There is no schrader on the fuel rail. However, fuel pressure could be tested at the fuel filter with adapters.

    Most likely cause would be an open somewhere. You will need to trace the wiring and confirm this.

    P0113 — Intake air temp sensor 1 circuit high

    Possible causes: IAT open circuit
    IAT short to power
    Damaged IAT sensor
    Wiring incorrect

    P0103 — Mass Air Flow circuit high

    Possible causes: MAF open circuit
    MAF short to power
    Damaged MAF sensor

    P0100 — Mass Air Flow circuit A high

    Possible causes?

    MAF open circuit
    Intake air component incorrectly installed.

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