2006 S-type Jaguar 3.0 Base

Hello I have a 2006 s type 3.0 base Jaguar. its been giving me to main errors 1 the fuel cap and bank 1 and 2 are to rich. This is originally my mom and dads car but im now in charge or maintaining it. It does need a fuel filter change and oil change which ill be doing in the next days. I also got new e3 spark plugs and I hope a new Mass air flow sensor soon. I also know I need to replace the intake manifold O-rings 1 is leaking and I was also thinking of changing the 2 oxygen sensors when I have tested the care the 2 oxygen sensors don’t seem to be working they just come up as active. I was told I might also need to change the EGR Valve. and I was told the gas cap error or small leak might be a leak or fuel pressure sensor problem. I don’t have money to take it to be fixed or get test run and I never worked on this car other then topping fluids and change breaks. the car has 58k. I know I need to remove the manifold to change the spark plus but what gasket do I need for when I remove the manifold upper or lower? and any advice I will be happy to get.

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  1. The rich fuel condition is being caused by the intake o-ring gaskets that you need to replace anyway. You will need the upper intake manifold gaskets for when you remove the upper intake to change the spark plugs.

    Replacing the intake gaskets should take care of the running rich issue altogether. You may need to clear the codes after the repair is made.

    As for the gas cap error, this is generally caused for a small EVAP Leak in the system. This can be caused by a loose fitting gas cap or a bad purge valve solenoid, etc. This code should be the least of your worries. It will not effect the drivability of the vehicle at all. This is one of those government mandated deals to help prevent gas fumes from getting into the air.

    I do not see the need to replace the O2Sensors or the MAF sensor.

  2. Thanks ^_^ I order the o rings and I have some question should I replace both lower and upper gaskets? and if I am replacing that should I go ahead and replace the fuel injector o-ring? and is there a paste I need for the gaskets?

  3. Yes. Replace both upper and lower gaskets, this should clear up any if all intake leaks. If the gasket set comes with new o-rings for the injectors you should replace them since you have easy access once apart. No paste needed for gaskets unless provided in the gasket set.

  4. Thanks for helping me so much and I also ordered new o rings XD seems I guessed that correct ahead of time I bought a Fuel Injector Service Repair Kit it comes with O-rings Filters Retainer. I have 1 last question should I replace while im at it the knock sensor I been told they need to be replace around 100k+ my car has 60,000 at the moment.

  5. Your Welcome.

    I would not replace the knock sensor at this time.

    Generally the parts that come on the car from the factory are better than the aftermarket ones. As long as you are not having an issue with the sensor, I would not replace it at this time. A lot can happen in 40,000 miles.

  6. Thank you for taking the time and answering all my questions. and I have learned so much for you this past few days then online. I did not know that about the knock senor. I let you know how it all turns out. ^_^

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