Chevrolet Niva 2011

The battery goes dead after 2 days of not driving the vehicle. What is the problem?


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  1. I have two batteries and they both do the same thing. Trickle charge one to replace the one in the car that has gone dead. If I don’t drive for two days, the replaced charged battery in the car also goes dead? Any other thoughts on what might be causing this?

  2. If you leave the battery in the car without any cables connected for three or four days is it still dead?

    Lets assume the battery is Good. So the problem must be somewhere else but still related as it causes the battery to run dead. So the most common things would be that someone has left a light turned on, a handheld game or phone charger left plugged in a cigar lighter.

    If all that checks out and there are no coins in the cigar lighter and accessory ports then we will move on to checking the voltage/amperage draw from the battery.

    Here is how to check for a Parasitic Draw Battery Drain Test.

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