’01 Olds Bravada

When filling with gas the gas fills up the filler neck and does not go down or goes down very slowly, what could cause this and how to remedy this problem?


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  1. can you tell me where the evap purge valve solenoid is. and how can it be fixed. my son can do some things but doesn’t know how to do some diagnosis.

  2. I would advise that you have your evaporative purge valve solenoid checked because its controls the gas vapors going to the canister purge or vent valve. Take it to your Mechanic and have the EVAP system scanned as it may not be venting or controlling gas vapor. It is suppose to vent gas vapor to the intake to be burned. If it doesn’t work it causes excess gas vapor pressure to built up in the fuel tank. This would make it hard to pump gas into.

  3. I would not replace any parts until you check out the EVAP system. I wouldn’t just replace the most common part until you have done so. Reason, as it could also be a leak in the hose/pipe going to or from it.

    If you have the equipment needed to diagnose the issue, by all means go for it. You will need a scan tool to pull any check engine light codes. You will also need a smoke machine to check the EVAP system for any leaks.

    Now with that said, you could (for testing purposes only) unplug the hoses and the purge solenoid. It is located near or around the fuel tank. Do not confuse this with the canister purge solenoid that is mounted in engine compartment as they are not the same thing.

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