1999 Honda Accord Coupe V6

I have a brakes sticking on the front passenger side when the car gets to operating temperature. I have replaced the caliper, hose, and pads. I even unplugged the ABS. It is still sticking after everything I’ve done. Can someone help me diagnose this? Thanks for any help

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  1. If the rotor is warped bad enough it can cause the brakes to stick. not certain this is the issue for you but a possibility none the less.

    (after car has been driven and warmed up)
    So if the front end it jacked up in the air and safety supported, you put the car in neutral and spin the front wheels you are able to spin the drivers wheel and when the brake is applied it stops the wheel right off? You try the same with the passenger side and the wheel will not spin at all? or it spins and grabs but does nothing different when you apply the brake or stops completely?

    Need a little more detail on this one to be able to help you in the best way.

    Pretty much if the Brake Caliper will not release and is locked and stays locked when you remove the brake line hose, the caliper is bad. If the pressure releases when you disconnect the caliper hose, the hose is bad.

    Another possibility that I have come across would be there is a kink in the hose (seen people twist the hose before reinstalling the caliper) or brake line that will not allow the pressure to release.

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