2002 4.3 chevy blazer

Blazer wont start even after replacing the crank and the starter

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  1. Happy to help but gonna need a bit more information to go on. You can post back in the comments below.

    The crank is an internal shaft inside the engine and would require a complete dis assembly of the entire engine to replace. I am guessing you ment something different, maybe a battery to go along with the starter?

    Okay, well here is what we can work with. When you put the key in and turn it to the “START” position, what happens?
    A. Nothing happens at all
    B. Dash lights go dim but nothing else happens
    C. One hard click and will not start
    D. lots of clicks; click,click,click
    E. Engine spins over but fails to start

    Engine No Start Troubleshooting

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