2002 Ford Explorer

I just changed the 4×4 transfer case module on my 2002 Ford Explorer but now i cant put it into gear after i turn it on. i have looked up some videos saying that it could be the transmission sensors that don’t let it change gears. I checked the fuses for the sensors and the fuses are okay but there is no current going through them. what do i do to fix that ?


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  1. Did you disconnect the Battery before you changed the Control module? It seems there is an issue as the control module power fuses that protect the CM are hot at all times. Personally, I think the greater danger comes from plugging in the connectors while hot and risking an electrical arc. And if this is the first control module to be replaced, it seems there is also an updated version.

    Fuse #18,17,and 15 should have power at all times. If they do not have power you will need to repair the fuse block to supply battery positive.

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