2002 dodge ram 1500 4.7 Quad cab 4×4

The cruise has not worked since l purchased the truck in 2013. The green cruise light would come on for a second (while driving) then go out and not come back on till l shut off the truck. It has lots of vacuum, I replaced the steering wheel buttons, still nothing. I noticed yesterday if l push down on the brake, the cruise light will come on and stay on till l release the brake. Like something is reading backwards.Seems very odd. I have a Lamp Out that comes on the truck also. All lights work, Have changed taillight circuit boards and bulbs ,tried  to change the brake switch but new one would not let me put it into gear. Will try another one as you can only set them up one time. I don’t know what else to try. PLEASE HELP. Thanks

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  1. Cruise Control Issue: You may want to put your hands on an electrical wiring diagram and trace the wiring to help diagnose this one. You can request one from us at no charge, just follow the tab in the “Site Navigation”

    As for your brake light issue, keep me posted in the comments below. Let us know if the new switch took care of the issue or if we need to dig deeper into the issue.

  2. The new brake switch did not solve the lamp out issue. But after starting it a few times, the lamp out light did go out, but it does go out on occasion. I will try it for a day or two and let you know if the light comes back on. As for now, has not made a change to the cruise control. I will keep you posted.
    I double checked a ALL the lights including licence plate and cargo lights. When l replaced all of the bulbs in the rear, l made sure all bulbs were the same and for my truck.
    Does the lamp out only work off the tail lights or all of the lights? I read on a post they only run off the back lights.
    I will be looking forward to receiving the diagram for the c.c.
    Update. The Lamp Out light came back on last night.

  3. Should have received the wiring diagram, let me know if you haven’t.
    Yes. Thanks
    I received the wiring diagram a couple of days ago. I found a site on how to check the wiring for power ect.ect. Will check that out on the weekend.
    Let you know if l find anything.
    Only issue with the diagram l received was, it only shows me how to check the wiring for the servo. Nothing else.

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