1991 Geo Prism

Why would my car/engine start shaking badly right after braking hard for a red light? It shook once i came to a complete stop only. it did not shake before. is something major going out soon. it freaked me out. thought my car was done for. help!


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  1. If it only happened that one time, I would not be too concerned unless it happens again the next time you take it out for a drive.

    If this is happening often or even every time you come to a complete stop, Then simple test can be done to help aid in the diagnosis. Of course the first thing would be to pull any codes if the check engine light is illuminated on the dashboard. Post the codes below. Next put the car in low and test. If it only has the issue when it is in Drive/Overdrive. Your converter and or valve body has an issue and may need to be replaced in the transmission.

    Does it happen all the time or just that once?

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