1995 ford f150 eddie bauer 4×4

Wants to go dead at times when shift to reverse or drive. truck lunges then goes dead. sometimes hear grinding noise when in drive. these things only happen when the vehicle has been driven for a few minutes. never from cold start. changed shifting tube recently but never made any linkage adjustment in process

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  1. Thank you for providing such a great description. Since we know it runs fine when cold and acts up once it has warmed. When an engine is cold it starts with preset parameters for all the sensor inputs. Once it starts to warm it move to using the input signals from the engine sensors. So the good news is most likely nothing mechanical is damaged in relationship with the lunging and engine shutting off.

    The first thing I would do would be to pull the engine codes. Since it is a 1995 that would make it an OBD I system. So you can pull the codes yourself without the need of a scan tool.

    How to pull ford engine codes

    As for the grinding noise,Do you hear it when the vehicle is in motion or sitting still?

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