Nov 102014

steering fluid leaks under the radiator / front bumper, well empties in 3 days.
tried stop leaks 16 ozs. no luck . leak is the same.

  One Response to “2000 ellantra”

  1. You will need to clean off all effected areas of all fluid. Fill the steering fluid. Have someone start the engine a d move steering wheel slowly back and forth while you look for the leak. If it is leaking from a pressure hose it will be seen spraying out of the leak. A good idea to take precautions accordingly. If the leak is from a none pressure hose, it will just ooze out and downward. UN-pressurized leaks do not leak up hill.

    Once you locate the leak, repair/replace as needed. If you need further guidance, post back below or follow the auto repair manuals tab

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