2000 ford f-250 5.4 gas

this has been happening off and on for about a year. when I try and start the truck, it wont get any gas. in the past I could continue to start and eventually the gas will kick on and it will run fine(never starves for gas will running). sometimes it will go a couple of months with no problem, and then it will start again. when I cycle the starter and check the valve on the fuel rail there is no gas when its not starting. ive replaced the fuel pump relay with no luck. also replaced fuel filter. ive never heard of a fuel pump acting that way. for some reason at times no fuel to rail.. any ideas…thanks

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  1. I have to agree with the approach you have taken. My first thought was a failing fuel pump relay. Since you replaced it to no avail, I think we can continue to rule that out.

    I am guessing that this mostly happens on the first start up of the day or setting for several hours before having a restart issue. This means the fuel pressure is bleeding off. No fuel to the rail after cycling the ignition key.

    Try turning the key to “ON” hold for 3 seconds and back to off. If you can do this 10 times and the engine starts easier than it has been, there is a leak in the fuel system. If this was an external leak it would be accompanied by a fuel small and may even see traces on the ground. The most common cause would be and internal leak in the fuel pump itself or in the tank at the furl pump. Either way, If I was going to drop the fuel tank, I would be putting in a new fuel pump. Let us know what you find in the comments below.

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