2001 ford escape

Tune up just completed, engine ran fine before, all vacuum hoses are brand new. Engine makes a sucking sound when the accelerator is pressed. Intake gaskets new. Torn down 5 times to check for problems.
Noe: This is not a video of my car, it is just a car with a similar problem.

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  1. You do not hear the noise until the throttle body butterfly is moved. If it were a vacuum hose or intake leak or any leak down stream from the throttle body, the noise would be heard at idle and idle would most likely surge up and down. So forget anything after the throttle body. Concentrate on the air flow from the inlet to the throttle body.

    This noise can be caused by the hose clamps not being sealed, the Air Filter to throttle body hoses not being sealed. Hole in intake air tubes. IAT Sensor lose or left out. Even if the Air Filter Box is not latched correctly, it will make this noise(Most Common Reason). Check the seal and clamps around the MAF Sensor as well.

    Very simply to overlook, but even one clamp on the air filter box left loose and you will get this noise.

    I did read greasegun49 posted to the U-tube video page
    a pretty accurate conclusion as well.

    “Barring a vacuum leak, which seems statistically impossible, I would hazard a suspicion that either the new air filters are of a sub-standard brand, or the air boxes themselves are not completely seated in their housings.”

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