98 chevy astro van 4.3L v-6

it quit running on me in the middle of the road,i was told it was the spider injector assembly so i replaced it and it still wont start,then i was told it was the security system so i tried to reset it still wont start.can anyone help me to figure this out PLEASE i am going crazy here.

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  1. You came to the right place.

    First we need to determine what it is missing. We will need to see if it has spark, fuel pressure and fuel injector pulse.


    Since the spark plugs aren’t to easy to get to, the first thing would be to spray some starting fluid in the air filter and see if it will start on that. If it does, We know the spark plugs are good and that our problem is fuel related. Next check for fuel pressure above 55 psi. If that checks out, next check for injector pulse. If the fuel pressure is low, you may gain as much as 10 psi from a new fuel filter if it is clogged but in most cases the fuel pump will need to be replaced.

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