1997 buick regal

I changed my serpintine belt tensioner pully and my belt comes off periodically mostly when it rains. I’ve used many different size belts. Plz help if you can


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  1. if nothing has been changed, you should be using the OEM size serpentine belt. If this is the case you will want to remove the belt. After removing the belt you will need to rotate by hand each pulley, idler, tensioner , alternator pulley. In doing so you are looking for a bearing noise that might cause it to seize up. If all check out OK, you will need to look to see that all pulleys are aligned correctly paying close attention to the tensioner you installed or had installed. This would be the most likely as it is what you touched last. Make sure it is installed correctly along with all the other accessories.
    Post back and let us know what you found.

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