2009, vw polo 1.6 classic

hi guys, hope you can help me, I have a problem with my car, when driving on the highway there is a beeping sound, the steering and abs lights switches on and the e-brake lights flash

your advice and assistance will be highly appreciated

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  1. This is an indication you have a serious problem and should have the codes puled as soon as you have a chance. I think this car is equipped with a variable speed steering assist. And anytime the abs light is on, it will not work. With winter coming (not sure where you live) you may be looking at snowy streets or already are and the ABS is a nice feature to have. Most likely reason would be a hub bearing failure that has internal speed sensors. When the ECM(computer) does not receive a signal from the speed sensors, it shuts off the abs system and will cause the abs light, and brake light to illuminate.

    The best first thing would be to have a diagnostic scan tool hooked up and the codes read to narrow down which one is giving you the issue.

  2. i thank you for your reply, i will take it in for a scan, but also i notice when i brake there is a grinding noise, i have changed everything from rotors to pads but the sound still comes when i brake, any other suggestions as to what this can be

  3. Most likely reason would be a hub bearing failure that has internal speed sensors.

    The brake rotors and your wheels are bolted directly to the wheel/hub bearings. So if the bearings are going bad, they would allow too much movement and would wear the brakes unevenly and would cause them to wear out premature.

    If possible, you cold jack the car up and while someone gets in and puts it in gear and simulates braking, listen to each wheel to see if you hear the grinding noise. This would be the problem area to check the brakes again to see if something is installed wrong or if the bearings are going out causing the brakes to wear premature.

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