1969 mgb

How best to install a leak free oil pan gasket? Is permatex between oil pan and gasket, and then just a grease between the gasket and engine a good way to go?

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  1. One of the things I like to do after cleaning up the oil pan gasket area is to straighten the bolt holes on the pan. Turn the pan upside down on top of a wooden bench so it is setting flat. I then take two hammers with one of them being a ball-peen hammer. Set the ball peen part in the center of each hole and hit it with the other hammer. This straightened the holes where they may have been pulled inward from years of tightening or over-tightening.

    I then like to wipe down the surface area of the oil pan and apply Form-a-Gasket Aviation Sealer.

    Click the image to purchase, it less than $8.00.

    Then put the New gasket on the pan where you want it and then flip it back upside down on your flat surface so the weight of the pan presses on the gasket and allow it a least fifteen minutes to secure itself.

    This does two things. It keeps the gasket in place while you are moving it around under the car to get it in place and it creates a perfect seal. And in the future if you decide to remove the pan again, the gasket will come down with the pan. I would not put anything between the gasket and the engine block except in the corners.
    You will want to put permatex silicone sealant at the corners of the bottom of the timing cover and rear but it doesn’t have to be a huge amount.

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