2003 Saab 85.000 mileage

Head gasket leaking coolant. Dealer did diagnostic test, put dye with result. Necessary to remove cylinder head and replace all seals and gaskets. Job to cost $3,500. Any advice? Its too pricey to bring it to the dealer but I have second thought if the diagnosis is very definitive.

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  1. in 2003 Saab had 2 models, the 9-3 and the 9-5.

    The 9-3 has a 2.0L engine and calls for 8 hours labor to replace the head gasket. If it is the non-turbo the labor hours are 6.5

    The 9-5 has 2 different engines available, the 2.3L engine and the v6 3.0L engine. You are looking at 9 hours labor for the 2.3L engine for replacing the head gasket and 12 hours for replacing the head gasket on the 3.0L engine.

    So add in a couple hours extra(just because they can)and some coolant, sealant, brake wash, rags, the Gasket itself and some printer ink and I still don’t come up with $3,500.

    Are you certain is has Blown Head Gasket Symptoms

    Now, if they are replacing the entire HEAD, maybe.. but quoted way to high for just the gasket.

    How bad is it leaking? Are you loosing a gallon a week, day, hour, instantly?

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