1988 Honda Accord

When driving my car lately doing 80 the rpm is at 4000. I’ve done 100 in this car without taching that high. Could it possibly just need a tune up?


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  1. Sure sounds like the O/D button has been pushed or is not engaging. It is possible that a good tune up, filter change and good gas may make it run better. But 20 mph difference at the same RPM, sure sounds like it isn’t shifting into 4th/overdrive. If it seems to be revving higher even at lower speeds, the transmission may be slipping.

    Check your fluid levels and take note as to the color. Use a white paper towel. If it dark and burnt looking, may have internal clutches warn. If the fluid is low, top it off and retest. If it is full and bright pinkish/red it may be OK.

    Transmission Troubleshooting.

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