1991 dodge dakota

new alternator,good battery. worked well for a week or so but now not charging again. codes coming uo are 12 and 55. haven’t cycle key on 50 times since dead battery. could it still be a 41 code with 12 coming up


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  1. Code 12 = Battery or computer recently disconnected

    You said you did this, so I would think nothing of this code as of yet.

    Code 55 = End of codes

    No worries for this code as well.

    Full list of Chrysler OBD I Codes

    I would use a multi-meter and make certain your wiring is good by checking continuity on all wires involved. Make sure the connections at the battery are CLEAN. Any corrosion can and will create resistance.

    Make Sure your alternator is connected as it should be.

    HOW to Test your Alternator

    It is possible that you have purchased a Bad alternator and should be under warranty.

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