1994 S10 Blazer

1997 Chevy BlazerWhat are the two tiny hoses that run alongside the transmission? I just changed the tranny filter and noticed two small hoses. One is cut at an angle and the other one has an end that looks broken or chewed maybe? Neither are connected to anything. Are they supposed to be? Also I could not get the small round gasket that holds the tranny filter in out from the old filter but I feel like the filter was in far enough. Is it ok like that? Or will it slip out? And if it does will it damage anything? I serviced the tranny in the first place because it was leaking fluid from the transmission pan and it started feeling like it was MAYBE slipping but having a hard time when going uphill.


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  1. Not sure about the tube hoses unless you can follow them to the other end and tell me what they are attached to.

    As for the transmission filter, it needs the rubber o-ring gasket to insure secure fit. There is suction around that area and could allow air to suck in instead of the transmission fluid that it is intended to do.

    All most all new filters come with a new o-ring. If the filter falls it will no longer pull fluid through the filter so dirty contaminates would be able to enter the valve body and other parts of the transmission that could cause an issue later on down the road.

    If the fluid level is full and the transmission is slipping, it needs rebuild as the internal clutches are worn.

    How to Check Fluid Levels

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