1997 isuzu trooper

Had a bad alternator replaced with brand new alternator says it has the same problem bad voltage meter

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  1. Read what you wrote. You state “it says”. What is it?

    Have you tested the charging voltage at the battery to determine the alternator is charging or are you relying on the dash voltage meter.

    It is possible for the alternator to be working and the METER in the dash no longer working properly. That said, it is also possible for the NEW alternator to be a BAD new alternator, it happens more often that you think.

    There are 3 fuses to check. two are located in the dash fuse box: Fuse C-8 15A = alternator fuse, Fuse C-10 10A = Charge indicator(voltage meter). And one fuse in the main fuse box(underhood) FL-1 80A = Main power to alternator. I suspect one of these fuses are blown. Check them first and let us know what you find.

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