’08 Infiniti EX35

Driver side front door won’t open from outside, but still opens from inside. Already removed outside handle to check for damage, and it was OK. Took door panel off, and was going to take the inner steel panel off, but couldn’t get exact procedure for dealing with the window carriage and glass from the usual Nissan help sites, and lost my nerve in going any further. Does the window have to be removed to access the inner door, or can it just be raised. My fear was when the carriage was unbolted from the inner door panel, that I wouldn’t be able to get the bolts back into the carriage after reattaching the inner panel, as the carriage moved away from the panel when I started to unbolt it.

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  1. I would just raise the window, if you find that it is in your way then I would remove the window regulator/motor assembly.

    To remove the window regulator assembly.

    1. Raise the window first and support it. I use the suction cup tool to hold the window up and in place.

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    You apply one suction cup to the outside and drap it over the top of door frame and apply the other suction cup to the inside of window. It holds the window up and in place. Never worry about breaking a window again.

    2. Support window.Unbolt window mounting bolts.
    3. Lower window regulator
    4. Disconnect window motor electrical connection.
    5. Unbolt and remove window motor/regulator assembly.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. Ended up going to a Nissan dealer, and it took a tech 2 hours to reconnect the doorhandle cable. He had to remove the window to get the window track out of the way. Lesson is, DO NOT let your Infiniti EX doorhandle accidently slam home in cold weather, because the cable WILL come off eventually.

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