1999 subu

Hit ditch burned up clutch trying to get it. Was told I had to replace entire trans because it all wheel drive. Is this true? Any help would be great….

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  1. If this is a standard shift transmission and the only thing that is wrong is the clutch, then you only need to replace the clutch.

    whoever told you this are blowing smoke up your #$@!
    Labor time is 5.4 hours.

    To Remove:
    1.Remove the transmission.
    2.Install a flywheel locking tool.
    3.Remove the pressure plate mounting bolts from the flywheel.
    4.Remove the pressure plate and clutch disc.

    To Install:
    1.Insert a clutch disc alignment tool through the disc splines and into the flywheel pilot bearing.
    clutch diagram
    2.Install the pressure plate on the flywheel with a gap of 120� or more between the “0” balance marks on the flywheel and pressure plate. Hand tighten the pressure plate mounting bolts.
    3.Tighten the pressure plate mounting bolts using a crisscross pattern 12 ft-lb (16 Nm).
    4.Remove the clutch disc alignment tool.
    5.Install the transmission.

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