2000 Mercury Sable

The car wont turn over. Changed the starter. Problem: car got overheated. Was 2 to 3 qrts. of oil short. Wasn’t knocking or throw but shut-down while I was driving. Is there a safety switch or relay that would shut-down that may need to be reset or a fuse that would blow in order to save the car from being destroyed mechanical wise.

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  1. No safety relays or switches, just an oil light that if working properly would have come on with the engine being 3 quarts low on oil. Overheating is bad, overheating and low on oil is worse.

    First: Remove all spark plugs and try to turn engine over with a socket and wrench on the front of the crankshaft. If the engine will not turn over, it is locked up and ready for the junk heap. If it will spin over, take note if any of the spark plugs were wet when removed as it may have a blown headgasket.

    Spins over with wrench, leave plugs out and top off oil level. See if the engine will spin over with starter. If starter still will not spin engine over, check for battery voltage at the “S” terminal while someone holds the ignition key in the “START” position. if you see battery voltage check ground, good ground and battery voltage present.. replace the starter(New bad starters exist). If you do not see battery voltage at the “S” terminal with key in “START” position, trace wiring and repair as needed.

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