2004 Mercury Sable GS

Okay, I just changed my oil, oil filter, and air filter today. After I was done and started my car to move it out the way. It wouldn’t start. Instead it makes this clicking sound when my key is in the on position (not running) and then when I try to start it, there is an even louder clicking sound coming from the engine. Also, none of the dash lights are working correctly. It is acting like a dead battery. I currently have a battery charger on it.
I nee help please.

This morning when leaving to work there wasn’t any problems starting or cranking up.

1 thought on “2004 Mercury Sable GS”

  1. Repeated clicking noise (click, click, click) is a dead BATTERY.

    One Hard Click is usually the starter. Let me know (in the comments below)if this is your issue and I will tell you how to test it.

    Since you were working on it, I would look more toward it being battery related. It doesn’t take long to run a weak battery down just by leaving the door open or key on to listen to the radio. Most likely reason for your problem is the BATTERY. It is probably an older on e and will need to be replaced. Even if it charges enough to start this time, it is a good idea to replace it before you find yourself stuck somewhere.

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