Audi A4 8E B6 1.9TDi 5M

I have terrible vibration durring acceleration in my A4 B6 1.9tdi AWX 5M. The whole car vibrates, especially the gear stick, front seats and the pedals when I take over and press the “pedal to the metal”. No matter on which gear, but on 4th the vibrations are greater.
The wheels are balanced TEN times, in ten different tireshops.
All four brake discs replaced.
Both axles completed (including inner and outer cv joint) replaced.
DMF and the clutch replaced.
The car was in a special local diesel workshop for inspection of fuel equipment and turbocharger – as per their opinion – all in perfect condition.
Engine mounts were visualy checked – no noticeable defects.
Any ideas ??
Thanks in advance.