1997 geo tracker

set timing correctly


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  1. Ignition Timing Adjustment
    •Start the engine.
    •Allow the engine to reach normal operating temperature.
    •Perform the following checks:

    – The A/C is OFF (If equipped).
    – The gearshift control lever is set in Neutral (manual transmission) or the manual selector lever is in Park (automatic transmission).
    – The parking brake lever is fully engaged.
    Geo Tracker Timing Jumper diagram

    •Remove the cap from the Duty Check Data Link Connector which is located next to the battery.
    •Connect a jumper wire from the Duty Check Data Link Connector cavity 4 to cavity 5 in order to fix the ignition timing at base.
    Geo Tracker Timing Marks Diagram
    •Connect an inductive timing light (1) to the high tension ignition wire of the No. 1 cylinder.
    •Check the ignition timing. The correct ignition timing is 5 degrees BTDC (4-6 degrees) at 800 RPM. Refer to Vehicle Emission Control Information Label.
    Distributor timing adjustment
    •Adjust the ignition timing if the timing is not within vehicle specification.
    •Loosen the distributor hold down bolt (1) and rotate the distributor.
    •Repeat steps 8 and 9 until the ignition timing is within specifications.
    •Remove the jumper wire from the Duty Check Data Link Connector and make sure that the timing advances according to engine speed.

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