2000 jeep grand cherokee

OK so my sister hooked some jumper cables up backwards on my jeep yesterday. we replaced the battery with a new one but my jeep wont start it cranks none of the gauges work and there is a symbol on the dash of a key with a slash through it there is also a noise coming from the fuse box under the hood from number 38 but don’t know what this fuse or relay goes to

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  1. First, Check all fuses.
    Then, since you have anti-theft and changed the battery. Disconnect the negative battery cable. Put ignition key in the “ON” position. Reconnect the battery cable and move the key from “ON” to “START”. Should take care of it. I added the Owners manual information below for reference.

    Sentry Key Theft Deterrent System-If Equipped

    Your vehicle may be equipped with the optional Sentry Key system. With this system, an electronically coded ignition system sends a signal to the vehicle electronics. If the electronics recognizes the signal, the vehicle will start and run. If the system does not recognize the signal the vehicle will start and run for 2 seconds then shut off.

    The Sentry Key Light will illuminate for about 2 seconds when the ignition switch is first turned to the On position. If the vehicle electronics do not recognize the signal from the ignition key, the entry Key Light will flash continuously to signal the vehicle has been immobilized. If the Sentry Key Light remains On during vehicle operation, it indicates a fault in the system electronics.

    If this option was ordered, all of the keys provided with your new vehicle have been programmed to the vehicle electronics.

    NOTE: The Sentry Key System is not compatible with remote starting systems. Use of these systems may result in vehicle starting problems and a loss of security protection.

    Large metallic objects or devices such as the Mobil Speed Pass(TM) may also cause vehicle starting problems. These devices cannot damage the Sentry Key system, but can cause a momentary problem if they are too close to the sentry key when attempting to start the engine. If a problem occurs, turn the ignition off and move all objects on the key ring away from the Sentry Key. Restart the engine.

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