95 talon tsi

I recently removed my starter to clean it. I have been trying to hook everything back up but when I get to hooking up the battery it sparks really bad. I don’t know what else to do.I have tried just about anything else I was told.


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  1. Lets start from the beginning since i don’t know what everyone else has told you to do.

    It was fine before you touched it, so…. I would start with what you touched. Look at the starters positive wire(the big wire) and I would almost bet that it is touching a ground(the side of the starter or engine). This is a dead short when you go to hook the battery up.
    1995 Eagle Talon Starter Diagram.

    So looking at the diagram provided. Number 5 Starter wiring harness connector(the big wire) is touching the case of the starter. Look again because it is. When you tightened up the nut it caused the connector to spin and touch the case of the starter. THIS IS A VERY COMMON OCCURRENCE. Yes, I have done it myself, it happens.

    So Loosen the nut, turn the cable connector and re-tighten the nut while holding the cable so that the cable end connector doesn’t move and touch anything else.

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