1999 Ford explorer

Why after my1999 Ford explorer has been sitting for a while is it so hard to start in the morning I have to sit there and pump on the gas to get it started the revving noise is so unnaturally loud and then it will die before I can put it in drive or dies when I stop at a stop light. But after I’ve got down the road. Mile or so would be fine


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  1. if there is a check engine light, the first thing to do would be to scan the codes. Your local parts store will do this free and then post them here below in the comments.

    If it seems to have an extra high idle, this is a sign of a vacuum leak and would need to be repaired. This would make it hard to start.

    A bad or Sticking IAC – Idle Air Control would also act like a vacuum leak and make it hard to start when cold and normal once warmed up.

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