Feb 222015

After car is running for around 20 mins and when car is revved up over around 2000 rpm the red oil light makes a beep sound and comes on flashing intermittently for a few seconds before going off. Sometimes I have to switch off the car and when I turn it back on the light is off. Usually only comes on if I’m driving for a substantial journey usually over 20 minutes. Oil is at the max on the dipstick too. Cheers.

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  1. It is either your oil pump going out or a sensor failing. Don’t drive it now (important!!!) Replace sensor first, don’t drive it far, test it for a few miles running around close to home, in case it needs to be pushed back. If it does come back on, immediately stop car and cut. Then replace pump.

    Sensors: germanautoparts.com/Volks…ectrical
    replace both. white one is located on the oil filter flange, blue one is located on the drivers side of the head.

  2. Thanks a lot, I will go about the 2 sensors first. It has been occuring for over a month now and I have a strong hunch that it is the sensors. Would the oil pump not have had it by now?? My local mechanic seemed to think it was sensor too????

  3. Agreed. If it was the Oil Pump I think you would have heard some Knocking Noises by now since you have been driving it like this for over a month.

  4. Yes, I suppose your right thanks for your time and input in answering my questions.

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