2001 Volkswagen golf 1.4 petrol

After car is running for around 20 mins and when car is revved up over around 2000 rpm the red oil light makes a beep sound and comes on flashing intermittently for a few seconds before going off. Sometimes I have to switch off the car and when I turn it back on the light is off. Usually only comes on if I’m driving for a substantial journey usually over 20 minutes. Oil is at the max on the dipstick too. Cheers.


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  1. It is either your oil pump going out or a sensor failing. Don’t drive it now (important!!!) Replace sensor first, don’t drive it far, test it for a few miles running around close to home, in case it needs to be pushed back. If it does come back on, immediately stop car and cut. Then replace pump.

    Sensors: germanautoparts.com/Volks…ectrical
    replace both. white one is located on the oil filter flange, blue one is located on the drivers side of the head.

  2. Thanks a lot, I will go about the 2 sensors first. It has been occuring for over a month now and I have a strong hunch that it is the sensors. Would the oil pump not have had it by now?? My local mechanic seemed to think it was sensor too????

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