2003 Pontiac Aztec

2003 ponitac aztec..key wont turn all the way back to take it out, just enough to shut off car…googled problem its either they key barrel is bad or its the ignition switch..i have a chip in the key(pass key lll)…can i put a uncoded ignition switch in and a new barrel or is the transponder some wheres else in the car to where i have to put in the original equipment

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  1. Have to use original equipment from what I understand, although it looks fairly easy to by pass on paper. I would think running new wires with the correct resistance reading to the PCM wouldn’t make it so. You should be able to reuse your key and just recode the the barrel to match the key. Just by the barrel coded to your key. They can do this at the dealership for less than you think. Then swap out the barrel(Tumbler).
    2003 Pontiac Aztec Anti-theft Wiring Diagram

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