Toyota celica 1995

Replaced starter. Has new battery. Car still won’t start. But
will if I jump start it?


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  1. Your Battery is Dead/Weak or the connections at the battery are bad(corroded) and or the cables are bad/corroded.

    Clean battery cable ends and the terminals, not just the outside but the part that touches the battery. If corrosion is present, you may need to cut into the cable itself and determine if there is corrosion in the cable itself(replace if any).

  2. Sounds good to me. Will check cables. We know the battery is good because it was just replaced. I would think they would have check the connections when they replaced the battery. The car belongs to my grandaughter and I am trying to help her. She aleady spent to much with no results. Will get back to you after we check the cables.

  3. I just talked to my granddaughter and she gave me some more information that mu\ight help.

    She said the repair shop told her if the car didn’t start to giggle the gear shift. That would work some times. She said if that didn’t work she would get out and tap the starter motor. Now nothing seem to work.

    I hope this might shed some more light on what the problem
    could be.

    I don’t know if this info will help, but

  4. That does shed some light on things. The Starter will need to be replaced. What happens is the motor brushes wear down and sometimes tapping on them will work a few times but eventually, the starter must be replaced.

  5. The starter was replaced. My granddaughter did tell me this at the beginning. We Waiting for a mechanic to check the battery
    cables. I can’t believe the garage where she got the work done didn’t check the cables? TNX for your help.

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