honda fit 2001 vehicle seem to be stuck in 2nd gear. its an automatic and when i drive it it takes of well with small shudders and the rev counter goes 5000 at 60km/h and when release the accelarator the revs stay that high for a couples of seconds then drop. No check lights on the dash. Diagonisis shows all clear. i have changed the ATF with the recommended CVT but no avail. A gearbox “expert” opened it up,serviced it and said the gearbox is fine(his words) but the problem hasnt gone away. Funny enough when i put it in drive whilst all wheels are suspended it seems to be ok as the speedo goes 120km/h at 3000rpm. please advise on what to do

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  1. I feel you should take it to a transmission shop and have them run a diagnostic scan. This will look for any electronic malfunctions with the transmission. Most local repair shops only scan for check engine codes while a transmission shop will dig into the transmission side of things. Not to mention they know what to look for when they hook up the scan tool and test drive it. In some cases they will permit you to go with them while testing it on the road to make certain they are experiencing the same issue you describe.

    You will want a diagnostic and estimate of repair. Get it in writing.

    It sounds like a bad sensor but would not want to trow parts at it until it is confirmed.

  2. thank you i will have it checked at the transmission shop , though am so confused why this problem does not manifest itself when the car is on stands and wheels in the air…..sounds funny to

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