2007 Suzuki Grand Vitara

Need help trying to figure out why it starts normal and idles normal but as soon as I put it into reverse or drive it stalls. Also the slip control light is continuously flashing even though the truck won’t run when in gear. Battery went dead but it’s fully charged now. I cleaned the maf sensor whith the crc maf cleaner.any suggestions on the cause


2 thoughts on “2007 Suzuki Grand Vitara”

  1. slip control light is continuously flashing – I would have to guess there is an issue with the speed sensor/s and it will need to be corrected before it will drive normal. You will need to have the codes pulled to determine the exact reason for the flashing light. This will require the use of a scan tool. The transmission relies on the speed sensors to give it input for its shift points. It may think the vehicle is going 60 mph when it is setting still, hard to say without the codes.

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