Feb 242015

My car showed battery warning while I was driving I stopped and check to see water pump was leaking I poured more water and drive more 5 minutes since I wasn’t far from home, I changed the water pump refill the coolant and when I tried to start the car it was cranking but not starting the biggest problem now is abs,battery, engine lights are on and the battery is completely low it doesn’t crank it just does the trtrtrtrtr sound

  One Response to “2009 toyota corolla 1.6”

  1. This is from a dead battery, you can charge it or replace it. But the battery light would indicate a failing alternator or missing alternator belt. Also when the battery gets low the ABS light will come on and when the abs light comes on it simply means the ABS will no longer function.

    Make sure the serpentine belt is there,
    Repair/TEST/Replace the Alternator and charge and/or replace the Battery.

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