toyota corolla verso, july 2004,vvti, 1.8l petrol

where is the lambda sensor and if you can give me some to change it please as garage is asking too much to get it changed.

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  1. The Lambda Sensor is the same thing as an Oxygen Sensor. These are used to monitor Exhaust Gas to provide the computer with feedback on how the fuel is being burned.
    Lambda Sensor Location Diagram
    It is located in the exhaust Pipe. You will need to know if it is the #1 Sensor(upstream) or #2 Sensor(downstream). The #1 Lambda/Oxygen Sensor is located before the catalytic converter and #2 is located after the convertor. It requires a 7/8 inch or 22 mm Sensor wrench (around $20 USD) to remove it and only has one electrical plug connector.

    Lambda Sensor Testing

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